Thailing LED Light Bar Seawater Rail 60 cm 36 Watt ( Blue Only )
The Theiling Rail are compact LED light bars with high light output. They are equipped with 3 Watt branded high power LED chips in various color combinations.The Theiling Rail LED light bars can be suspended above the tank with the optional Theiling Sunfit steel cable suspension, or placed on the sides of the aquarium with the bracket shown. The light bars are dimmable in output with the optional Theiling Sunrise Computer Timer or any other PWM controller, this allows the aquarist to simulate a natural daytime pattern with sunrise, daylight intensity, sunset and moonlight. With the optional Theiling Connection Kits, 2 Rail LED light bars can be connected to the Theiling Sunrise Computer Timer, with a maximum of 6 light bars connected and another Theiling Connection Kit required for each additional light bar.  The dark, anthracite-colored, aluminum housing is designed as a heat sink for optimal heat dissipation.The different variants offer the right lighting solution for every aquarium or the possibility to easily expand an existing aquarium lighting.Theiling Rail LED light bars are equipped with the following LED chipsTheiling Rail Blue - blue-heavy additional lighting for marine aquariumsLight colors LED chips: Blue, Royal and Blue

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