AquaPerfekt pressure hose 6 x 4 mm white 1/4 inch
Pressure hose 6 x 4 mm white 1/4 inch

AquaPerfekt silicate filter 200 ml
post-filter for osmosis system housing,connectors (1/4" ( 6 mm ) x 1/4" thread),wall bracket, double bracket 2" X 2"1 Ltr Resin Filling Quantity 300-400 ml

AquaPerfekt silicate filter 500 ml
post filter for osmosis system housing, connections (1/4" ( 6 mm ) x 1/4" thread), wall bracket, 1 Ltr resin capacity 700-800 ml.

ARKA myAqua1900 osmosis system (MA1900)
Powerful and chemical-free - the ARKA Aquatics myAqua1900 reverse osmosis system uses the power of water pressure and filters up to 99 percent of salts, bacteria and pollutants such as nitrite or phosphate and heavy metals from conventional tap water. The ratio of osmosis water to residual water is just 1:1-1.5. Thus effectively treated, the water becomes a safe feel-good ambience even for marine and freshwater inhabitants.The system does not require any chemical additives - it works via water pressure and natural filter materials, without chemical additives. Which makes the retention rate very high.   Filter performance: up to 1900 liters / day   Osmosis water to residual water: yield approx. 1:1-1.5    Operating pressure: 1 to 4 bar   Temperature: 5 to 38 degrees   Salt retention capacity: 98% - 99%The system components carbon and fine filter (cartridge) as well as the membrane filter are subject to the following replacement intervals:   Membrane filter: 12 - 24 months from commissioning    Fine filter: 6 - 12 months from commissioning   Carbon filter C1: 6 - 12 months from commissioning   Carbon filter C2: 6 - 12 months from commissioningTip: Filters are consumables and must be replaced regularly! So that their pets always enjoy consistently high water quality, stockpiling is recommended. All three system components (carbon, fine and membrane filters) are available separately.Note: The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery:Water tap, 150 cm hose, 300 cm hose, T-piece including valve, wall mounting,TDS meter, wastewater clamp, water connection (3/4"-1/4"),shut-off valve (1/4"-1/4").

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D-D Reverse osmosis plant 567l/t
Why RO Water? Pipe water. is usually contaminated with various pollutants, which, depending on its quality can have negative effects on the aquarium. For example, it can cause Algae and diatom blooms favor, which then must be fought with chemical Methods must be fought.Reverse osmosis water is essentially free of chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals, and is an ideal basis for the production of saline solutions saline solutions, but also for freshwater aquariums or as a substitute for Evaporation losses.The D-D reverse osmosis plant works according to a three-stage system:1. A 10" 5 micron pre-filter that removes sediment and particles from the water to protect the membrane from clogging and extend its life. prolong its life. The pre-filter is housed in a membrane so you can monitor the life of the disposable element. monitor the life of the disposable element. We recommend that you replace this filter element at a maximum interval of 6 months to change.2. A 10" block carbon filter with 10 microns. This carbon filter removes the chlorine from the water. This element should also be be changed. 3. The. RO membrane and housing. In this phase is the membrane itself. All D-D membranes are high quality thin film membranes.All D-D reverse osmosis systems come complete with the following accessories:- Flow limiter with integrated valve- adapter for tap connection- tap connection with thread- 2 m 1/4" RO hose in white, blue and orange- Sewage line return valve- Filter key- Complete Guidedimensionsheight:  39 cmdepth:  13 cmwidth:  35 cm

Aquaperfect Flush Valve 1/4 (6mm) x 1/4 (6mm)
Flush valve 1/4 (6mm) x 1/4 (6mm)

AquaPerfect Osmosis Membrane 750 Ltr GPD 200
Osmosis membrane-750 Ltr. GPD 200 Color Green for Pro 400-600 osmosis system.

Aquaperfekt Double Clamp 2" X 2 "for After Filter 200 ml on Mini Osmo
Double clamp 2" X 2" for after filter 200 ml on mini Osmo.

Aquaperfekt Double Clamp 2" X 2,5 "for After Filter 500 ml
Double clamp 2" X 2.5" for after filter 500 ml on osmosis system Mini

Aquaperfekt filter housing 200 ml, empty housing
. Filter housing 200 ml, empty housing for osmosis systems without holder, connections and contents.