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Aquaforest AF 130 NEW Fluidized Bed Filter
The highest quality universal fluidizing filter designed for use with a variety of filter media. Works with activated carbon, phosphate adsorbents and zeolites. It was designed by engineers and aquarists to provide the most efficient filtration in even the most demanding marine aquariums. The unique design and the highest tightness allow the reactor to be placed both in the sump chamber and outside the aquarium. As a result, it works great even if there is no space in the sump to set the filter. Using the best materials, it is resistant to scratches and discoloration. Ergonomic design and Smart-Twist system provide ease of use and ensure easy and efficient media changes. Internal sponges prevent the filter media from entering the water.We recommend using the optimal mix of Aquaforest filter media (Carbon, Phosphate Minus, Zeo Mix).Features:    Convenient Smart-Twist opening   Easy-Change system - easy media change   Adjustable screen height    Fully leak-proof works outside the sump   Hose ends included   Scratch and discoloration resistantDimensions:Capacity: 5000 ml (169 fl. oz.)Height: 45.5 cm (17.9″)Base diameter: 16.3 cm (6.4″)Acrylic tube diameter: 133 mm (5.2″)Connection diameter: 23 mm (1″)

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Aquaforest AF110 NEW Fluidized Bed Filter
Fluid bed filters are used for various types of filter media. They are perfect for activated carbon, phosphate adsorbers and zeolite. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the filter can be operated both in the technical tank and outside. Only high-quality acrylic was used, this makes the filter resistant to discoloration and damage. The housing has a silicone sealing ring, which seals it and prevents leakage. Inside are special filter sponges with specially designed buffers to prevent deformation. We recommend the use of 3 media cartridges: Zeo Mix, Carbon and Phosphate Minus. Outlet diameter: 110mm. Height: 39cm Connection: 20mm Maximum Füll Quantity: 3L

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Aquaforest AF90 NEW Fluidized Bed Filter
Maximum filling capacity: 1300 mlOuter diameter: 90 mmHeight: 31 cmConnections: 16 mm4 sponges includedThe universal fluidized bed filter is of the highest quality and was developed for the use of a wide variety of filter media. It is perfect for use with activated carbon, phosphate adsorbers and zeolite.Thanks to its compact design, the filter can be operated both inside and outside the technical pool. By turning the cover, the filter can be easily opened to change the filter medein or to clean it. The included sponges prevent the filter media from entering the water.Only high quality acrylic has been used, which is resistant to discoloration.A silicone sealing ring prevents water from leaking. Can also be used outside the sump tank with special silicone hoses.We recommend the use of 3 media cartridges: Zeo Mix, Carbon and Phosphate MinusCarbon 100 ml/100 l 500 l/hPhoshpate Minus 25-100 ml/100 l 400 l/hZeo Mix 100 ml/100 l 300-500 l/hLife Bio Fil 250 ml/100 l 400 l/h.

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Aquaforest Sponge Set AF110
Set of sponges for Aquaforest media reactor AF110

Aquaforest Sponge Set AF130
Set of sponges for Aquaforest media reactor AF130

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Aquaforest Sponge Set AF90
Set of sponges for Aquaforest media reactor AF90

ARKA® Core MF500
ARKA® Core Multi-Filter "MF500"The ARKA® Core Multi-Filter "MF500" is a specially designed media reactor for all marine and freshwater aquariums. The ARKA® Core Multi-Filter "MF500" is suitable for all common filter media, such as activated carbon, phosphate adsorber, zeolite or bio-pellets and can be easily filled and emptied through the removable container. By simply turning the ARKA® Core Multi-Filter "MF500", the flow rate can be adjusted continuously and precisely, so that it can be optimally adapted to the type and amount of the respective filter medium. The unique design ensures optimal flow and even distribution of the filter media. This ensures maximum contact time with the aquarium water and sustainably prevents clumping of the granules or pellets. This allows the best possible utilization of the filter media used. For maximum effectiveness and optimal results!What makes the ARKA® Core Multi-Filter "MF500" so special?    Multifunctional: Can be filled with activated carbon, phosphate adsorber, zeolite, bio-pellets and much more. Can be filled   Maximum contact time between media and aquarium water   Removable tank for easy filter media change   Integrated sicce pump with adjustable flow rate    Infinitely adjustable flow rate on tank   Highly efficient, durable and reliable   Easy operation and cleaning   Glossy polished cast cell acrylicApplication Notes:Rinse the filter media thoroughly before use in the container, before reconnecting it to the base and plugging in the pump. The flow rate can be adjusted continuously at the pump or by turning the reactor. Always set the pump to the lowest flow rate and allow the entire tank to fill completely and slowly with water to prevent the filter media from floating up and out of the reactor too quickly (filter sponges are included with the reactor). Once the container has filled, you can remove any air bubbles that may have formed by gently tapping the reactor. Afterwards you can adjust the strength of the water flow at the pump and by turning the reactor steplessly to your filter medium. Product DetailsArticle | Dimensions | Power consumption | CapacityCMFILTER | ~ 10 × 34 × 11 cm | 2.8 W | max. 500 ml

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Bubble Magus Mini 100 Filter - Durchlauffilter
    Sehr nützlicher eigenständiger Durchlauffilter mit Pumpe von Bubble Magus.    Zum Anschluß im Filterbecken.    Durchflussmenge einstellbar. Für den Einsatz von Kohle, Antiphos, u.s.w.    Für 800ml - 2000ml Füllung    Standfläche: 130mm x 135mm    Höhe: 440mm    Pumpe: Rock WP600, 11 Wat

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Bubble Magus Mini 70 Filter - Durchlauffilter
Bubble Magus Mini70 Durchlauffilter    Sehr nützlicher eigenständiger Durchlauffilter mit Pumpe von Bubble Magus.    Zum Anschluß im Filterbecken.    Durchflussmenge einstellbar. Für den Einsatz von Kohle, Antiphos, u.s.w.    Für 100ml - 800ml Füllung    Standfläche: 100mm x 100mm    Höhe: 420mm    Pumpe: Rock WP 600/8,5 Watt

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D-D fluidized bed reactor with pump
NutriFix Reactor. This reactor was developed as an economical solution for small to medium sized containers. The reactor can also be used with RowaPhos or carbon can be used. The reactor is designed for a complete "plug and plug and play" installation, for which a pump, pipes, a shut-off Shut-off valve and a check valve, if selected are included. Features max. 700 ml volume for filter media. 128x94x440 mm (including holder) Diameter: 80 mm Fits glass up to 25 mm. Dimensions: 128 mm x 94 mm x 440 mm (including fittings and cover) Pipe outer diameter - 80 mm Pipe height between upper / lower perforated plates - 340 mm Contents: FMR reactor 1000 l / h pump FP 1000 3 x plastic hoses approx. 450 mm Check valve Flow control cock 2 kinds of media sponges 8 x cable ties to fix the piping Technical data of FP 1000 pump: Voltage: 220 - 240V/50Hz Power. 16 watts Qmax: 1000 l/h Hmax: 1.8 m

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